Just enough

Starting the Beyond Layers with Kim Klassen this week. It’s been an amazing start to a new creative journey. Introducing ourselves to everyone from all parts of the world, and sharing our ‘creative’ stories, our journey of how and why we’ve arrived at this point and continue to travel and weave on life’s experiences. With no boundaries and limits we were to write our own individual creative story, honest and from within, listening to our deeper voice, however this little bird has still a few ruffled feathers, and even though my voice is small and quiet for now, in time will sing a beautiful song.

This week… our first photographic challenge was with an image…say more…with less.

Less is more.

~Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Less colour enhancing in our photo’s, more natural tones, more light and creativity showing the viewer a more simplistic image, and captivate them in a moment of wonder.


original photo twistedvines + kk awaken texture


original photo twistedvines + kk zuzu texture


original photo twistedvines + kk lola

These cotton pods have an interesting adventure story on their own. Travelling along a rural road along the fence line I could see these wonderful pods, full of natural textures screaming at me to photograph them. Enhancing a dry, harsh and hot rural backdrop, my eye still discovered natural beauty to capture behind the lens.

Have a great day…Yvette x

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15 thoughts on “Just enough

  1. Your seed pods (sorry cotton pods), are simply gorgeous!! As are your edits… stunning.

    Wish I could’ve taken this class – maybe next time! It’s great that you are enjoying it so much and I look forward to seeing your progress… =)

  2. I have no doubt, Yvette, that you will sing with a clear voice and your wings spread. Cocooning is, in itself, a remarkable adventure, and reemerging is extraordinary. You are becoming one beautiful butterfly!!

    Marianne xo

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