Baked Banana Cheesecake

june 20124

How wonderful to share with you my friends, what a lovely day it’s been today. A few rays of Autumn sunshine, although the air is crisp and cool, a little home-style baking,  time to write and hear back from a friend via e-mail and an afternoon ‘happy moment’ with my sister with  coffee and a slice of this baked banana cheesecake.

‘Happy Moment’ a small indulgence while on the Slimmer Mediterranean Diet

june 20125This baked banana cheesecake, sort of just came together while out shopping, I had decided not to through away those forgotten bananas before not attempting to bake something with them. In my mind, was my favourite banana bread recipe, but while out I picked up one (I have too many!!) of my monthly cooking magazines. And wow! just what I needed a seasonal special on baking with banana’s. Chocolate & Banana French toasties;Banana & Apple friands; Beef vindaloo with coconut & banana sambal; Banoffee trifle; Spiced banana tarte tatin…but I had to use those over ripen banana’s and the recipe to win me over was the baked banana and caramel cheesecake. I substituted the caramel for chocolate.

june 20126 Read on for this delicious recipe…

june 20127

Recipe: Baked Banana Cheesecake (Adapted from GoodFood Magazine)

250 grams plain biscuits, grounded + 100 grams butter, melted + 1/4 cup (20g) desiccated coconut + 1 teaspoon cinnamon + 2 large ripe bananas + 375 grams cream cheese, room temperature + 250 grams mascarpone, room temperature + 1/3 (75g) caster sugar + 3 eggs, room temperature + 100 grams chocolate dark 70% cocoa.

Grease and line a ‘cheesecake’ tin 26cm round with baking paper. Place biscuits in a kitchen whiz and ground until a fine crumb. Place in a bowl, adding the coconut and the melted butter. Combine and press firmly the crust mixture into the bottom of the tin. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 170°C. Mash the bananas until smooth and set aside. In a bowl add the cream cheese and beat with an electric beater until smooth. Add mascarpone and sugar, continue beating gently adding the eggs one at a time. Fold in banana. Spoon over the crumbed set base. Melt the chocolate drizzle into filling and use a skewer to create a marble effect. Work quickly.

Bake in oven for 40-45 minutes, until set. Let to cool inside oven, with door slightly open and oven tuned off.

june 20128 june 20129 

Enjoy friends, hope you have a great weekend.

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20 thoughts on “Baked Banana Cheesecake

    • Thank you Pat for calling by, I usually don’t make baked cheesecakes, but this one is lovely, and a little different with the flavour combination of banana and chocolate! x

  1. This is one beautiful cheesecake, Yvette. Mixing the flavors of cheesecake with those of banana and chocolate is an idea whose time has come! :) And, as always, your presentation is spot-on, placing your cake in the best light possible.
    I’ve pinned it and fully expect to make this cake. Thank you, Yvette, for sharing it with us.

  2. ooo…I love Autumn! Your day sounds like it was awesome…relaxing, soothing, and blessed. What a yummy-licious cheesecake! I’d never think of bananas in cheesecake. I’m glad you had a wonderful moment with your sister. Those are treasured times.

    Sending you love and blessings,
    Marianne xox

    • It’s the first time, I’ve made a banana cheesecake, I rarely use banana’s in anything else but muffins and banana bread..oh and maybe a summers trifle.but as I found in the article there are many a dish to be had. Have a joyous weekend, ours is a long weekend in New South Wales.

    • Our ‘happy moments’ are so that we enjoy a small indulgence, such as chocolate every day as a flavoursome moment -having a ‘happy moment’ to look forward to each day may mean the difference between giving up in a weak moment and finding the motivation to carry on through a weight loss journey!
      All good on paper…living through the many temptations is always harder.
      Loving my camera at the moment and trying many new techniques! Have a wonderful weekend. x

  3. This baked banana cheesecake looks so yummy! I am not big on cheesecake, but I would have a slice of this for sure. :)
    Lovely presentation, too. Happy Sunday.

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  5. This is amazing! It is not only beautiful, but sounds absolutely delicious! I love your sweet lady by the way -with the roses – enchanting! I’ll definitely give this a try – thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

    • Hi Kathy, this lady I found in a quaint shop some years back,the shop was closing down, so grabbed the opportunity in buying three, and not one for myself. I bought this one for my sister, one for my Mum, and the other for an Aunty. The busts are all different, but beautiful in their own way, wearing different hats. I placed the fresh flowers around the rim for my styling shot! Thanks for visiting. x

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