Meet Bella & Flavia

boyanup 2012

july 2012 014

july 2012 020

july 2012 022

Look at those eyelashes…

july 2012 018My friends this is an Australian Winter’s day…

july 2012 005  july 2012 008 july 2012 017

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Rural Thursday Blog Hop

Looking forward to the weekend! Have a great one!


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9 thoughts on “Meet Bella & Flavia

  1. Such beautiful animals. Their faces, the eyes more specifically, make them look more like Disney characters that actual living beings. Thank you for sharing both with us, Yvette. Have a great weekend, too!

  2. Hello Yvette….
    Aren’t they the sweetest little doe-eyed things! I hope you’re enjoying your winter. I imagine much cooler temperatures…ahhhh….

    Marianne xoxo

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