Broome, Western Australia II

Continue along the south side of Cable Beach, where you’ll find  rugged red rocks carving  the Broome peninsula surrounded

by crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Gantheaume  Point is a well known tourist attraction in Broome, carefully climbing the rugged coastline to see

the full panoramic view over looking Cable Beach.

Crystal clear turquoise blue waters, crashing long the rich red rocks.




Dinosaur Footprints over 130 000 years old are located at Gantheaume point, the original ones can only be seen at low tide,

a cast copy of the footprints have been placed higher up on the cliff face for tourists.


The rocks are layers of beautiful colours and textures.







Anastasia’s Pool was chiselled long ago by a lighthouse keeper, for his wife Anastasia,who suffered from arthritis,

to bathe in the soothing cool water’s.



There are many crevices and blow holes amongst the rocks, and it’s truly a magical place.



Discovering Gantheaume Point, Broome, Western Australia.



At sunset…


Have a wonderful day, Yvette…x

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7 thoughts on “Broome, Western Australia II

  1. I knew I have not been by in a while, but a year? Wow. :(
    Saw your photograph on Marianne’s blog and it’s awesome – your photo and her rendering for her book.
    Hope you’re doing well. Sorry I’ve not been by in so long. Take care!! Jenn

    • Hi Jenn, Thankyou for your visit. You’re right it has been a long time in between and I’m starting new adventures again. I will return one day to Twistedvines when the timing is right! Hope all is going well for you Jenn. x

      • Great to hear from you! We’re working on things going well — health issues mostly at this point. (Argh!) Take care! Looking forward to you ‘being back’. Jenn

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