I live 10 minutes  outside the city walls of Treviso, so often visit the centre of Treviso, with its great shopping, beautiful buildings, restaurants and bars, I often take the time walking around its centre streets or even often along the curling canals outside the walls.

inside the wall


Visit with me Treviso, Italy…city 

of the Arts 

villa’s and gardens

to market…to market

 turning your head…

Summer food fairs




St Mark's Basilica



Venice is just 20 minutes away by train, so any excuse I find to visit Venice I take it. Whether it be a Sunday walk with my husband, or a dashing visit to show friends and family everything in a day, I love Venice…

The floating city… 


Ponte Vecchio -old bridge

If we have the opportunity to visit places within Treviso or near by regions I also take my camera. Bassano Del Grappa is one of those places, Vincenza , a great place to show tourists…Visit with me…Bassano del Grappa

                                 View from a bridge…




Carole,Venice….a beautiful spot,seaside holiday haven


a colourful visit…

Verona…a fantastic city to visit

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