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The first eight days of October are a rush of memories, dreams and thoughts for me. For everyday from the first to the eighth someone I know celebrates a birthday. I have to admit I’ve fallen into the jaws of modern technology, and in the rush opted to send electronic messages by phone and social networking sites, but with inspirational comments this week and visual boards that I created today, I’ve been inspired to make my own cards, write in them, create a little something special  in each and send them to everyone of my friends and family. Written, signed, sealed and delivered!

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We all know that giving or sending greeting cards is a simple and effective way of staying in touch, adding a truly personal touch and reaching out to those we care about, but where did the greeting card come from?

The first civilization to employ the use of greeting cards was the ancient Chinese, who used them for the purpose of conveying New Year’s wishes.

The earliest paper greeting card in existence is a Valentines Day card that originated in Germany during the 1400’s. It now resides in the British Museum.

The development of better printing methods and the introduction of postage stamps saw the greeting card become less costly, and reach new heights of popularity during the 1840’s.

Source: Thinking of You, Hinkler Books.

When was the last time, you hand wrote a card, sealed the envelope, bought a stamp, and posted it? 


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Sometimes it’s not easy as it would seem to stay connected to people we value. With the busy lives we all lead, it can be easy for months or years to pass while we’re thinking, I’ll call tomorrow’! But I’ve endeavored to change all of that today, and share a token of my love and friendship by sending a hand written card.

I had to also share a little something my sister bought me while visiting the Floriade 2011 in Canberra this week. Isn’t it divine a calico cap, featuring pink embroidered tulips.

Floriade is Australia’s celebration of Spring, featuring more than a million blooms as a backdrop. It’s held in Commonwealth Park in our capital, Canberra from 17th September – 16th October 2011. Floriade Ambassador, Rachael Finch wore this stunning hot pink and red rose petal dress at the launch of Floriade – A Feast for the senses.

Isn’t it just stunning. Imagine the rose scented perfume!

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Have a wonderful Pink and Inspirational day, friends.



Enchanted Pink



Welcome to an afternoon of enchantment. Of Enchanted Pink.

Of Victorian doll houses and stories, crystals,butterflies and cupids.Marshmallow flower cupcakes, lace and teasets.  Welcome to Pink Saturday, where we share things Pink. I truly have something wonderfully pink to share with you today.

A beautiful illustrated book by Robyn Johnson…

The Enchanted Dolls’ House series is set to become a classic. Each book is lavishly produced with great attention to detail. Each features exquisite authentic historical pop-ups, lift-the-flaps and a variety of textures and finishes including embossing, foil and fabrics. There are three books in this series, I’m capturing the story of one today – ‘The Enchanted Dolls House’



The Enchantment begins…

You’re introduced to ten little toys who lead you on an adventure through four very old doll houses. Starting with an Medieval adventure ,through to the stylish ‘the beautiful era’ La Belle époque.However my favourite the late Victorian secrets and romances.



Excerpt from Victorian Secrets… The Enchanted Doll’s House

…A ‘vanity set’ that the Victorian dolls kept in the bedrooms. The fairies supplied the dolls with rosewater to wash themselves with. In those days, people used to fill a basin with hot water from a huge jug to freshen themselves up in the morning. Not many people had running water in the upstairs rooms…

…She was the fairy of light. At midnight she would flit into the doll’s house and magically give all the lights a soft warm glow that lasted till dawn…


…The Victorian dolls admired the long silky tresses of the fairies, and they loved to brush their hair with miniature silver hairbrushes…

…Some of the fairies’ favourite treats were rose geranium sugar-drops.lemon candies and rose petal jellies – and they particularly liked tiny frosted cupcakes…

At each cut out dolls house there are  windows that you peer into and see the beautiful, and intricate details of the illustrations by Robyn Johnston. A beautiful, magical tour, and lingering enchanting memories.


…Sometimes, early in the morning, the Victorian children were surprised to see butterflies leaving their nursery through an open window. But were they really butterflies?…


On display today are my pretty lace centre’s, I bought last weekend for $2.00 (Aus), aren’t they such treasures. Spring pansies from the garden. Royal Alberts ‘Lady Carlyle’ teacup set and marshmallow petal flower cupcakes I made yesterday, can be found here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my enchanting pink, linking to Pink Saturday



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Have a wonderful week, and thank you for all your visits  and  lovely comments.


It’s the power of pink

emotional pink

Photo Credits: Inspirational photo’s from House Beautiful , Martha Stewart Weddings, Google Images: Paper Lanterns.

pink cake

Photo Credits: Pink Champagne Cupcakes: Culinary Serendipity, Images Google search Pink Champagne, Marie Antoniette photo’s from official site, inspirational cake making ideas from Babushka Bakery.

pink oh la la

Photo Credits: Google search Images, Martha Stewart Weddings.

pink coco

Photo Credits: Google Search: Pink Champagne, Coco Chanel and Pink

pink shoes

Photo Credits: Shoes in top left corner: With the collaboration of Christian Louboutin and Jean-Francoise Lesage designing and creating these shoes . Should they come in a velvet, gold encrusted shoe box? Google Search: Marie Antoinette.Designer shoes for the movie Marie Antoinette designed by Manolo Blahnik. Photo’s from original Marie Antoinette site.

With the rejoicing songs of birds of a feather, it’s been a day of sun behind clouds and falling rain. I’ve been reading some of my design magazines on line. And nearly all of them have a design in PINK section, where every tone and shade of pink can be put into our homes. From kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, fridges,mirrors and wardrobes.

One of my favourite magazines is House Beautiful, from designer tips to choosing colours, I know I can get lost for hours.

Photo Credit: House Beautiful

…we pulled the pink into several accessories and details, but in a very subtle way so that the house wasn’t overly feminine—we wanted it to be light and airy but not too beachy in a resort-like way. I’m known for my use of color, but I really only use it as an accent,” says Suzanne Kasler

Photo Credit: House Beautiful

Subtle tonal pinks, I love. Icy frosty pink I love on cakes, I’ve even worn pink shoes. I love to dream about owning one of those Marie Antoinette dresses and living in that era.  And Chanel has always been known for pink.

Think of your childhood, does a colour come to mind?

Maybe Pink.

Candy sticks, fairy floss, bubble gum, and please, let’s hope photo’s can’t be found of me dressed up at the Grease premier as one of the Pink Ladies.

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Have a great Saturday, Friends,